The Best Night Ever

More than 25 youth – with smiling faces, committed hearts, and lots of energy – pulled in to Sooner Haven apartments and started piling out of the vehicles one-by-one on a warm Thursday evening in late June. These youth were on a trip to Oklahoma City from their hometown of Austin, Texas. For a week they would be in our city as part of a vision-casting, hands-on missions opportunity with Urban Life Mission.

For a week, they had seen the sides of our city that so many can and do choose to avoid or ignore. But their stop on this night was Sooner Haven — a local government housing project often known for violence and conflict — but also some of the sweetest and cutest children you’ll ever encounter!

At Novo, we know Sooner Haven as one of our program sites with often more than 40 boys and girls showing up on a Thursday night to learn about Jesus and spend time with caring, mentoring adults.

We hoped to introduce the youth on this mission opportunity to the uniqueness of the beautiful relationships and hunger for the gospel that we experience within this community. This night was a highlight of the summer for both the children who attended and many of the youth on mission.

We started off with a quick orientation for the youth while the regular weekly volunteers went off to get the kids and walk them back to the center. Once they arrived and it was time for the program to start, the youth formed a high five tunnel for the children to run through and enter like they were superstars or sports heroes.

There was a fantastic Bible story, fun songs, and a chance to hear about the God who created us, loves us, and desires a relationship with us!

Not just any snacks were served — this night’s “snack” consisted of pizza, peaches, juice boxes, and ice cream. A big thank you to Urban Life Mission and the Regional Food Bank for their roles in feeding our kids that night!

After eating and a time of teaching, the children and leaders went outside. Games, games, and more games were on the agenda to end this special night!


— From partnering church pastor and Urban Life Mission Director, Treb Praytor

This special night would not have been possible without the extra help and hands provided by Urban Life Mission, and ultimately the support that YOU provide to make it possible for us to reach so many boys and girls in this city!


Thank you!

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