The Greatest Love Story Ever

There is nothing more beautiful than a love story. Truly, the greatest love story ever told is the one about Jesus — how He laid down His life, how He paid the ultimate price for our sins, how He came back to life defeating death and sin. Nothing is more beautiful than this.

John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” Jesus made this sacrifice because of His love for us and the Father’s desire to save us and enter into a personal relationship with us. How can we help but share this with others?

Novo exists to see lives changed FOREVER through the power of Jesus Christ. He gives HOPE and LOVE like none other.

Here are some of the boys and girls who’ve heard the greatest love story ever in the past year and made it their own.

Meet Austin, 10 years old.

Austin loves sports, and has attended our newest program in Moore since its launch in September.

After the challenge one night he waited until the leader finished answering everyone else’s questions. Then he boldly told his leader he wanted to make Jesus his savior and be saved!

Meet De’andra, 7 years old.

De’andra lives east of Oklahoma City in Spencer, in the middle of gang territory. She has struggles with anger and acceptance.

One week the story was about the criminal on the cross next to Jesus. The key thought for the night was “God promises to forgive me when I ask.” De’andra realized she needed that forgiveness and prayed with her leader that very day!

Meet Kenny, 11 years old.

Kenny loves to make people laugh, but has to be tough in his neighborhood. Inside, though, he’s just a young boy.

After the story about the Prodigal Son, their leader asked the boys in his Small Group who the father represented, who the son represented, and what it means for us to “return home.” He said we return home when we ask God to forgive us and then heaven becomes our “forever home.” Kenny said he wanted to make this choice right then. His leader stopped the lesson to allow him to bow his head and pray to God. When Kenny finished committing his life to Jesus and looked up, all the boys were mesmerized and just looking at them. Then, they erupted in cheering!

Meet Javari, 9 years old.

Javari is happy and very easy-going!

One day after the challenge, Javari looked upset and his leader asked him about it. Javari said he was the only one in his family who isn’t a Christian. Mr. Vince shared “Believe in the Lord and you will be saved — you and your household.” (Acts 16:31) Javari knew he was ready to be saved and prayed with his leader. After praying, Mr. Vince encouraged him to study his Bible and tell others about his decision!

Meet Irene, 8 years old.

Irene is 8 years old, and really loves her friends!

Her leader shared the memory verse, Romans 6:23. Irene asked, “How can I have the gift that God gives?” She decided that she wanted that gift and prayed with her leader to trust Christ as her Savior. Irene couldn’t wait to all her friends about the choice she had made!

Meet Eliana, 10 years old.

10-year-old Eliana loves arts and crafts at Novo Bible Club!

One day after the story Eliana felt like she needed to talk to a leader. She saw one of the leaders, who also attends her church, and went to ask her how she could have a relationship with Jesus. Her leader told her how and they prayed together! Her leader also got to share the news with Eliana’s sister at church who was overjoyed.

Meet De’shawn and Qua’von, 8 years old.

These 2 almost can’t sit still — they keep the volunteers at our Partner Britton Christian Church on their toes!

One night, while studying in the True Friends series, De’shawn and Qua’von (and two more of their friends!) learned about the Best Friend there ever was – Jesus. All four chose to accept Jesus as their Savior that very night!

Because YOU are a part of Novo, YOU make these great stories happen.

Because of YOU boys and girls are hearing about the greatest love story ever.

Thank you for writing a story of HOPE and LOVE for the boys and girls of our city.

We are grateful… and so are they!

Interested in seeing a Novo Bible Club in action? Want to partner with us and take advantage of our free resources and support? Able to become a HOPEBuilder and give financially?

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