Meet A.J., Age 10

Hope is exactly what A.J. is looking for!

Amidst chaos and instability, boys and girls who are a part of Novo experience caring mentors, positive guidance, and a safe haven. 10-year-old A.J. is no exception. He craves the support that Novo’s involvement in his life provides.

But recently A.J. was filled with concern. Solemnly he asked the question on many hearts:

“Will you all still be here for me in 2018? I just want to be sure!”

A.J.’s family has a plan to move after he finishes elementary school. This young boy is already planning and thinking ahead because he knows how important mentors and support are for his young life. A.J. knows that Novo provides HOPE today and he wants that same HOPE for his tomorrows!

When A.J. first started coming he struggled with being rowdy and talking during Large Group. With mentorship, his behavior has improved drastically. He not only listens, but leads others to do the same. This year, little brother Aydon just started coming with him. He loves his little brother and is excited to have him join this year.

A.J. wants to be sure his Novo mentors will be around to guide him and teach him and his brother, Aydon, more about God and how they can have a relationship with Him! You can help make sure that A.J. and Aydon have HOPE today and tomorrow!


Every gift given between November 1st and December 31st will be DOUBLED through our year-end matching gifts campaign.

Already a HOPEBuilder? This year your gifts are TRIPLED from November 1 through December 31st!

Give today, and provide Hope: Today & Tomorrow



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