Anya Heard Because Someone Gave

Meet Anya.

You may have already heard us share some of her story. 11 year old Anya has been coming to Novo Bible Club for as long as she can remember — almost 6 years now!

In 2015, the program at her location was very limited due to lack of volunteers and funding. Anya was one of only 10 girls who were able to attend. It was during this intimate time that she decided to accept Jesus as her Savior.


Later that year, Calvary Church began partnering with Novo and sending volunteers to Anya’s site. That meant three of her brothers could now attend, too!


Anya’s old Small Group Leader became the Site Coordinator and Anya continued to thrive at the weekly program — learning more and growing in her relationship with Jesus as well as with the other mentors.


Right now, at age 11, Anya cannot attend her program each week. Her family has a new baby brother and she has to stay home and watch him while Mom is at work. She misses being there very much, but thankfully her brothers still attend and come home and share the lessons with her.

She looks forward to the day when she can return every week and bring her newest little brother with her too!


This is the power of the HOPEBuilder. Consistent monthly giving sustains weekly programs. For 11 year old Anya, that consistent presence and relationship with mentors have made all the difference in her young life!

Will you become a HOPEBuilder today and give any amount monthly to continue investing in Anya and her family’s lives? If you are wondering whether or not you can make a difference, just ask Anya — she will tell you that you can!

Become a HOPEBuilder!

Already a HOPEBuilder but want to do more? Increase your monthly gift amount by contacting Heather at or 405.397.6721!

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