Our Mission

Novo exists to break cycles of destruction, create hope, and instill a sense of purpose through life-changing mentoring relationships with boys and girls in need.


We provide resources and training designed to create awareness and equip individuals to work effectively with children who need them. Our events, presentations, and social media are aimed to educate the suburban community of the needs and realities of the inner-city. Training covers the essentials of communicating positive values and life-changing truths to children.


We believe that those working with children should be properly equipped through adequate training, ongoing access to support, and the provision of curriculum and resources. The curriculum we have developed is values-based and easy to implement. Our visuals are multi-ethnic, engaging, relevant, and easy-to-understand. After 15+ years, we’ve got so much to share and many ways we can support the faith community working within at-risk communities.


We establish partnerships with churches, organizations, and individuals, in order to connect the faith community to communities in need and maximize their reach and impact. Individuals are provided the opportunity to mentor children in need in a safe and fun environment through a variety of programs. We support all of our volunteers and partners at absolutely no cost to them. Our heart is to see YOU involved in your community — making a difference!

Novo Bible Clubs

  • Novo Bible Clubs are a great opportunity to invest in boys and girls from the inner-city. These programs are a time for building relationships with the children, mentoring them, having fun, and sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with kids who may have never heard it. They meet once a week at a variety of locations across the greater Oklahoma City area and are a commitment of approximately one to four hours per week, depending on the role you fill.

  • Our program sites include public elementary schools, community centers, housing projects, and apartment complexes — sites located less than 2,000 feet from where the children live or attend school. All ethnicities are represented on our enrollment lists: Latino, Caucasian, Native American, African American, and Asian American.

Small Groups

Activities at a typical Novo Bible Club include two small group teaching times, where the children will learn a memory verse, play games, make crafts, eat snacks, and build relationships with their peers and leader.

Large Groups

During the large group session in the middle of Novo Bible Club, the boys and girls get to play a fun game, sing songs, hear interactive Bible stories, listen to testimonies from their leaders, and are challenged to apply Biblical truths to their everyday lives.

Learn More

But the best way to learn about Novo Bible Clubs? Visit one! You might just decide you’d like to spend once a week there, too! Click here to Schedule a Visit or Learn More About Volunteering!

What our Kids are Saying
  • 100% Want to finish high school.

  • 90% Want to go to college.

  • 97% Believe they can talk to a Novo teacher about anything.

  • 98% Wouldn't have a faith-based influence without Novo.

What our Kids are Saying
  • 100% See an increase in their child's desire to know more about God.

  • 96% Believe their child is safe at Novo programs.

  • 80% Say Novo is their child's only after-school program option.

Without Novo...


of children say they wouldn't have a faith-based influence in their lives!

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