our summer

Lots of sunshine. Warm days. Big smiles. And good memories.

There’s just something special about summer. Lots of sunshine. Warm days. Big smiles. Good memories.

Marcus, age 7, “I want to be a teacher so I can teach people about God!”

11 year old Malayia said her favorite leader is “Miss Maddie” because she taught her about God. Malayia learned that God can change lives and she needs to listen to Him and obey what He tells her!

What’s the most important thing she learned this summer? “My choices have consequences”, Ashante, age 13.

Their favorite part of the summer?! Water games with their leaders!

YOU make these memories and on-going mentoring opportunities happen for children who might otherwise feel ignored, neglected, or overlooked.

Instead, they know they are loved.

They know that there is a God who created them and loves them.

They see the Church, being the Church and sharing Jesus and His love with them and their families.

This is beautiful. This is wonderful.

This is Novo.

YOU are a part of something big and wonderful that God is doing in this city. We are grateful that you care about their futures so much that you make the difference that you do!

Want to tour a Novo Bible Club and see all this fun in person? Contact Heather Leser, at 405.397.6721 or hleser@novoministries.org, today to schedule a tour!

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