The Spirit of Christmas Present

This year we’ve seen some pretty incredible people making some pretty amazing gifts. We celebrate YOU and what you’ve done this holiday season already!

John 3:16 reminds us that because God so loved the world He gave his only Son – Jesus!

This time of year it’s good to reflect and take time to celebrate the greatest Gift ever given. Novo exists to introduce boys and girls to Jesus and help them see that God desires a personal relationship with each of them. This is made possible because YOU give – your time, your love, your support, and your money!


So as we celebrate Christmas this week, let’s also celebrate YOUR spirit of giving!!

At each and every Novo site, volunteer teams representing more than 20 churches and 4 local colleges, worked together to craft something special for their boys and girls to make the celebration of Christmas unforgettable.

Whether it was special snacks, a small gift with a toy and some treats, a set of hat and gloves for each child, or even a special outing – our boys and girls sure felt the love this holiday season!

Mr. Greg has been serving at Sooner Haven for almost a year. The older boys love him and eagerly gather around him each week to catch up and spend time with their trusted friend and mentor. Some of them even view him as a father-figure.

One young man often goes with him to church on Sundays. Another recently surrendered his life to Christ as his Savior. Each of them respects Mr. Greg and is grateful for the time he gives them week after week!

In hopes of promoting the spirit of giving in our boys and girls, we passed out “giving bags” this year to each child. The idea was to provide some simple gift ideas including a card, a couple toys, and candy cane while encouraging the children in turn to find someone to give these small gifts to. Often we find our Novo children are more excited to receive a gift or card that they in turn can give to others, than when they themselves receive a gift!

Months after moving in, two Novo families still found themselves without any mattresses or beds this holiday season. That would all change when Novo volunteers made home visits and realized the struggles facing these two precious families. Their giving spirits – combined with the generosity of Hope Chest OKC, a partnering nonprofit organization – provided beds and linens to meet these needs. This generosity brought big smiles to the faces of children just like these!

The commitment and passion of our volunteers – young and old – to make this Christmas season meaningful blew us away. From assembling craft packets, to preparing Christmas program supplies, to making gift bags and more they were HEROES this holiday season.

Without this gift of time, we literally could not have pulled off our Christmas programs or collectively provided such special crafts and treats for our boys and girls!

Chick-Fil-A in Moore did a visit to one of our sites as well as provided chicken sandwiches. Holiday Inn in Bricktown provided a whole week of snacks for all our boys and girls at all of our sites. Foundations renewed their giving and new foundations – like Staples Foundation for Learning, Oklahoma City Community Foundation through the Opportunities for Children’s iFund, and the Merrick Foundation – all gave brand new grants late this year too!

One day, tender-hearted and already-compassionate 4-year-old Vesper told her mom that she wanted to create ornaments to sell so she could help others. Pleased with her giving spirit, Mom also helped Vesper set up some information on Facebook and soon the ornaments became popular. More than 100 orders and many very happy customers later, Vesper donated the $550 she raised to help kids her age learn about Jesus and be mentored through Novo programs!

This year as part of our HOPE: Today and Tomorrow year-end campaign we introduced a special matching opportunity for our HOPEBuilders (all those who give monthly!) All HOPEBuilder gifts are tripled through November and December. In November alone, HOPEBuilders gave over $38,000. Some gave extra gifts on top of what they were already giving monthly and others signed up to become HOPEBuilders so they could better leverage giving and increase the number of children whose lives they impact!

TOGETHER, we embody the spirit of Christmas in this season of giving.

Truly, your gifts of time, money, and more are making a difference in the lives of so many who may have felt overlooked, unwanted, or ignored. Thank YOU for being a tangible demonstration of the love that God the Father has for each of us.

Thank YOU for all the gifts of time and treasure that YOU give!

Want to continue to be a part of Novo through financial gifts? Maybe you’re already a HOPEBuilder and want to take advantage of getting a special one-time gift TRIPLED!

All other gifts given before December 31st are doubled!

Go here to give HOPE – today and tomorrow!


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