Our Staff

  • Jay Sherrer

    Executive Director

  • Valerie Sherrer

    Founder and Development Director

  • Katie Linn

    Human Resources Director

  • Joanna Bartlow

    Director of Resources

  • Heather Leser

    Development Liaison

  • Hannah Steffel

    Communications Liaison

  • Shelley Gallope

    Lead Curriculum Developer

  • Luke Small

    Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Mary Richert

    Resources Administrative Assistant

  • Emily Walsh

    Resource Partner Associate

  • Brittany Carpenter

    Site Coordinator

  • Veronica Herrera

    Site Coordinator

  • Sherry Swicegood

    Site Coordinator

  • Faith Stidham

    Site Coordinator

  • Janna Smith

    Site Coordinator

  • Amanda Autry

    Site Coordinator

  • Barbara Bingham

    Site Coordinator

  • Alissa Goss

    Site Coordinator

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