We Celebrate YOU!

This week, we think of YOU.

We remember what YOU give and the difference you make.

Thank you for your service.

As you’ve seen, Novo is a bridge. We connect the local church to communities in need. We provide helpful tools and resources, but it is the church and the volunteers that adopt and invest in the community.

We have and always will be only as good as those who partner with us…

…So thank you!

Thank you for every volunteer hour spent. Every night you have sacrificed your time so that a child could hear the Gospel. Every minute spent in prayer for the families you serve.

Some of our favorite stories are when a volunteer takes it upon themselves to minister to a family or meet a child’s needs outside of a program. Here’s one story of your impact. We are just a stepping stone. This is YOUR ministry.

An 8-year-old boy showed up with holey shoes. Honestly that isn’t really shocking at one of our programs. What was a little surprising was the holes were intentional. The boy was growing out of his shoes and the holes were cut so he could continue to wear them. A new pair just wasn’t an option right now.

Enter the volunteer. The mentor. The advocate. The friend. She sees the need. She mobilizes another volunteer. They act. Together they show up the next day at the boy’s apartment armed with new shoes, jackets, and other clothing items for him and his siblings and cousins that are living there. 

Mom cries. She is overcome by the act of love shown by these volunteers. And she is grateful. Grateful they started a program just 3 months ago in her community and she is already noticing positive behaviors at home in her 5-year-old since he has been attending.

This type of thing happens often. More often than we hear about. Sometimes we as an organization don’t hear about a need until after it has been met by a volunteer team.

So again, thank you. For every weekly volunteer that labors for these boys and girls.

For every office volunteer who works behind the scenes to complete seemingly menial tasks. For every person on our prayer team who prays every week for specific requests. And for every donor who gives so our volunteers can have a presence in communities in need.

We see you. We know your sacrifice. And we see the lives you are changing. Keep going. YOU are making a difference and this week, we salute you.

You are their heroes, and ours as well!

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 

Volunteer Appreciation Week 2018

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